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ArtWalk – Experiencing art at first hand

Date                                                  Arteplage                          Event

8th to 9th June                                 Biel                                     Cirque des idées
15th  to 20th June                           Yverdon -les-Bains          Respect Village 
29th to 30th June                            Biel                                     Cirque des idées
1st to 5th July                                   Biel                                     Fashion and textile week
6th to 7th July                                   Biel                                     Cirque des idées
8th to 16th August                           Neuenburg                       Energy and environment week 
17th to 25th August                        Murten                                Cirque des idées 
31st  August to 1st September    Murten                                Cirque des idées 
7th to 8th September                     Yverdon-les-Bains           Cirque des idées 
21st to 22nd September               Y verdon -les-Bains         Cirque des idées 
28th to 29th September                Yverdon-les-Bains           Cirque des idées 



You will be given a sheet of white paper at the start of the ArtWalk, before you set off on a short walk that will take you around seven stops. At each stop you will find an engraved copper plate illustrating a chapter from the story of  ”The Ship of Fools”. The idea is to place your paper on top of this copper plate and then rub over it gently with a wax crayon, which will make certain lines of the copper relief appear on the paper. If you repeat this process at all seven stops with the same piece of paper, you will end up with a seven-colour picture which you will not have seen at any of the individual stops. The ArtWalk, which can be enjoyed by anyone of 4 years and over, requires absolutely no technical skills and is an exciting, entertaining way to create your very own personal EXPO.02 souvenir.

The ArtWalk was invented in 1995 by multimedia Swiss artist, Daniel Ambühl. There have been fifteen ArtWalks so far, e.g. in Berlin, Greifwald, Braunschweig, Ludwigsburg, and Zurich, each with an original picture story. You can find out more about the artist on the Internet at www.danielambuehl.ch

>> The story  "The Ship of Fools"


Translated by Jenny Rogers

Starting point
You can collect the materials you need for the ArtWalk plus a cardboard file in which to carry your picture (all free of charge) from the stand with the logo "ArtWalk/Bildweg".


The seven stops along the ArtWalk are clearly marked with blue signs.


Use the chalk lengthways for best results. Rub it gently over the paper using smooth movements.